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San Francisco, CA


Master of Arts in Digital Media and
Learning (December 2011)  
University of San Francisco
San Francisco, California

Certification in Multimedia Studies
San Francisco State University (Ext.)
San Francisco, California

Master of Arts in Linguistics 
San Jose State University
San Jose, California

Bachelor of Arts in French / Minor in Spanish
Monterey Institute of International Studies
Monterey, California

University of San Francisco Teacher Collaboration Innovation Award (May 2013)
A $5,000 grant to investigate student interactions in Second Life, an immersive 3D learning environment.

CIT Award for Innovation in Teaching Using
y (May 2011)
Only two are given in the whole university per year.
University of San Francisco

Speaking with an Active Voice
National Grant Recipient – to develop a plan for a software prototype that teaches English phonetics.



University of San Francisco School of ESL Program (now AEM Program)
I'm was the on-campus instructor for the Digital Media Literacy class. I am the content creator for the class. (
July 2001-present)

University of San Francisco School of Education Graduate MA-TESOL Online Program
I was the first instructor to kick off USF School of Education's online offerings. I am the content creator and instructor for the online MA TESOL Program. The class is Digital Media Literacy.

University of San Francisco School of Education Graduate MA-DML (now DTTL) On-campus Program
I'm was the on-campus instructor for the Digital Media Literacy class. I was the content creator for the class.

University of San Francisco Digital Media and Learning Graduate Program
I teach a graduate course on how to do screencasting and how to make videos in a virtual world (machinimas). (January 2012-present)
Currently teaching English in English City in the 3D virtual world of Second Life.
Design classes, build 3D displays and use multimedia in world. Much of the English taught thre is English for specific professional purposes--aviation, medical, oil rig, environment Engliish.

University of San Francisco
San Francisco, California
Adjunct Professor, English as a Second Language (now AEM) Program
Teacher Trainer
Writing Center Consultant


I train teachers bound for China and international graduate students in our MATESOL Program. I also train teachers in the Spanish Department's Building Bridges program. In addition, I teach intermediate to high advanced college-bound international students in the ESL Program. I specialize in teaching pronunciation, oral skills, and the integration of technology in the classroom. I have taught all levels of ESL at USF. This includes academic courses, such as our Academic Oral Communication Skills, Grammar, Integrated Skills, and TOEFL classes. I also teach accent reduction for professionals and for our international faculty. Other courses I teach are Pronouncing American English, and Business and Computers. I make extensive use of video and technology in the language classroom, in the digital language laboratory, and in the Center for Instruction and Technology laboratory. In the Business and Computers class I teach business principles, digital vocabulary, web design and the use of web development software such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, MS Word, PowerPoint, iMovie, Inspiration, FileMakerPro and various other digital tools. In the Advanced Academic Oral Communication class, I teach professional and academic interpersonal communication along with oral presentation and public speaking skills. I have also work at the University Writing Center assisting international graduate and undergraduate students in developing research, writing and formal citation skills in English. Since I began working at USF, I have assisted other faculty in building a student website, I have assisted my students in producing online materials, and I redesigned and maintained the ESL Program website until recently. I produce many of my own teaching materials using professional audio and video editing software along with professional post-production software.

University of California, Berkeley Extension
San Francisco, California (reference letter)
ESL Instructor, Curriculum Developer


Taught all levels, developed a Communication Projects class for advanced students; taught Speak Out drama course, which ended with a student performance that I produced and directed for the entire school. Ran and developed the Student Learning Center that required indexing and management of ESL texts, audio tapes, video tapes, computers, audio and video equipment. Participated in development of a new four-week curriculum, Course in Spoken English, which incorporated the use of video. Wrote a handbook for teachers, Strategies, Methods and Materials, to accompany the new materials I developed.

State University of New York at Albany
Albany, New York (reference letter)
ESL Instructor, Staff Trainer, Curriculum Developer


Taught all levels of ESL to students from all over the world. Taught grammar, composition, writing, reading, speaking, listening, TOEFL, pronunciation, vocabulary, business English, idioms, culture and several other classes. Created new elective course offerings. Ran a digital language laboratory with computers, audio and video equipment. Made extensive use of video in the classroom, both utilization and creation. Designed and conducted a regular in-service training program for staff members, which provided them with new materials, ideas and teaching techniques.

St. Giles Language Teaching Center
San Francisco, California (reference letter)
Teacher Trainer for RSA Program, ESL Instructor


St. Giles is an international training center. I trained university graduates as ESL/EFL instructors in Cambridge/RSA Certificate program (England’s Royal Society of Arts). Duties included daily lectures on theoretical and applied linguistics, various teaching methodologies and the communicative approach to language learning. Observed and assessed teacher trainees daily, assigned teaching points, did lesson plan review and consultation. This was an intensive course for both trainees and trainers. Tested, interviewed and accepted applicants to the program, designed course curriculum, participated in marketing campaigns for recruitment and did presentations at informational marketing seminars for 60+ participants as part of the trainee recruitment. Advertised for and recruited 80+ ESL students monthly to serve as practice students for the trainees. Conducted a professional international outreach program and communicated with schools worldwide in order to maintain an active job board for EFL positions abroad. Between each training course, I taught ESL, TOEFL preparation and Cambridge First Certificate preparation courses. Conducted an in-service training, teacher observation and evaluation program for the regular St. Giles ESL teaching staff. At the institution’s request, I did a methodological presentation at the 1991 CATESOL conference, Eliciting and Concept Checking in the ESL Classroom. Finally, I created an alumni newsletter for graduates of the program, which was instituted at the other St. Giles schools domestically and abroad.

Mission Language and Vocational School
San Francisco, California (reference letter)

ESL Instructor and Vocational Business Trainer


Taught grammar, listening, pronunciation, reading, writing, business English, office procedures, communication for the office and several other vocational/VESL subjects. I organized classes around and operated a language laboratory. MLVS is located in the Mission District of San Francisco and focuses on vocational English and job preparation for the Latin American community.

University of California, Santa Cruz Extension
Santa Cruz, California (reference letter)
ESL Instructor, Curriculum Designer and Class Scheduler


Taught all levels of English to students from all over the world. Most students were preparing to enter American universities, so the program’s focus was very academic. Developed all of my own class materials and course packets. Created several new elective classes, which remained a part of the regular English Language Program curriculum for years. Did scheduling of classes for student population and teaching staff. Coordinated materials and conducted activities in the language laboratory as lab director. Subjects taught were grammar, business skills, pronunciation, speaking and listening, reading and writing, academic preparation for university, vocabulary building, American film, public speaking, intercultural communication, and TOEFL preparation.

University of California, Santa Cruz Extension
Santa Cruz, California (reference letter)
ESL Instructor for the Momoyama Program

Spring 1986

Taught all levels of ESL and performed many of the duties mentioned above for visiting university students from Momoyama University in Osaka, Japan. Coordinated several student activities outside of class.

University of California, Santa Cruz Extension
Santa Cruz, California (reference letter)
ESL Instructor for the Ikubunkan Program

Summer 1985

Taught all levels of ESL and performed many of the duties mentioned above for visiting students from Ikubunkan High School in Tokyo, Japan. Coordinated several student activities outside of class.

Centro Colombo Americano, Medellin
Medellin, Colombia, South America
EFL Instructor


Taught intensive courses in reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar TOEFL preparation, business English, pronunciation, professional and conversational English for all levels. Student population consisted of professional members of the community and university students.

Colseguros Insurance Company, Medellin
Medellin, Colombia, South America
EFL Instructor


Taught business English, conversational English and accent reduction to the company president and his executives. Designed and coordinated business English program of study for the entire company.

Centre de Linguistique Appliquee, Universite de Besancon
Besancon, France
EFL Instructor


EFL language exchange program for university students. Taught conversation, grammar, pronunciation and accent reduction.

+ Fine arts background 
+ Proficient in French and Spanish
+ Familiarity with 30+ computer applications
+ Literate in both Mac and PC platforms
+ Web development specialis
+ Digital video filming and editing skills
+ Spent five years living overseas
+ Have a business background