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San Francisco, CA

I am an artist with diverse experience in 2D and 3D digital graphics prepared for the Internet and other digital output. One of my strengths is developing prototype solutions using multiple applications. I am also an educator specializing in synchronous and asynchronous learning, syllabus design, curriculum development, distance learning modules, editing, the implementation of technology in the classroom and online, which I have been doing since 1994. I was one of the first graduates from the San Francisco State Multimedia Studies Program in 1995. In January 2013, I became the first teacher to teach in the University of San Francisco's new online course offerings. We just launched the School of Education's MA TESOL Program. I also teach graduate course in Digital Literacy, Machinima in Virtual Worlds and Advanced Academic Oral Skills for university-bound ESL students.


University of San Francisco Teacher Collaboration Innovation Award (May 2013)
A $5,000 grant to investigate student interactions in Second Life, an immersive 3D learning environment.

CIT Award for Innovation in Teaching Using Technology (May 2011)
Only two are given in the whole university per year.
University of San Francisco

Speaking with an Active Voice, New York, New York National Grant Recipient--Received a national grant to develop a prototype for linguistic problems and phonetic improvement. (October 2001 to October 2002)

University of San Francisco School of ESL Program (now AEM Program)
I'm was the on-campus instructor for the Digital Media Literacy class. I am the content creator for the class. (
July 2001-present)

University of San Francisco School of Education Graduate MA-TESOL Online Program
I was the first instructor to kick off USF School of Education's online offerings. I am the content creator and instructor for the online MA TESOL Program. The class is Digital Media Literacy.

University of San Francisco School of Education Graduate MA-DML (now DTTL) On-campus Program
I'm was the on-campus instructor for the Digital Media Literacy class. I was the content creator for the class. (now Immerse Learning)
Currently teaching English in English City in the 3D virtual world of Second Life.
Design classes, build 3D displays and use multimedia in world. Much of the English taught thre is Eglish for specific professional purposes--aviation, medical, oil rig, environment English. (January 2012- June 2013)

California Coast & Ocean Magazine (online Coastal Conservancy magazine)
Web Designer--California Coastal Conservancy web magazine redesign, implementation and maintenance. (September 2005 to 2010) See links below

Hardianey Textile and Vitamin Company
Work currently in process: Industrial and Web Designer--for Hardianey Textile and Vitamin project. Click here to see current list of projects in development . (January 2007 to July 2008)

Compparadise, Inc. (view logo design)
Web Designer--International computer hardware and software specialists. They manage election and polling data for emerging democracies in Africa. (Summer 2005)

Father Bill the Film
Web Designer--Documentary film on the life of activist Father Bill O'Donnell. (Fall 2004)

Shig Imamura: The True Story of An American Kamikaze
Web Designer--website mockup design to accompany the book in print (in progress)

Mary Guggenheim Foundation, San Francisco
Web Developer--for digital biography of Paris-based painter and writer, Mary Guggenheim. (reference upon request)

University of San Francisco English as a Second Language Program
Web Designer--for the ESL Program. (Fall 2003 to 2008)

Green Lemon, Tokyo, Japan
Logo Designer--Logo design for new Japanese nonprofit networking organization. Designed look for print collateral, T-shirts, Web and various ancillary products. (July 2002)

Young Women’s Technology Cluster, San Francisco, California
Curriculum Designer and Software Instructor with a nonprofit program teaching computer skills to high school girls from under-served communities. Designed all software curriculum and taught the courses on a daily basis. Taught information architecture, user interface design, and graphics using Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, Photoshop and basic HTML. This program was funded by the Three Guineas Fund located at the San Francisco Women's Technology Cluster (now Astia). March 2001 to January 2002 (Bess Bendel,, San Francisco, California (view logo design)
Art and Production Director--oversaw design concept and implementation for, a women's financial network, and our company client base. Worked with clients such as, the #1 online bank, to implement content and the look of their new Investment Resource Center. Produced two-minute ad spots in Flash, designed UI and information architecture, supervised MsMoney official launch attended by First Lady Hillary Clinton at the Women’s Technology Cluster (now Astia). Supervised and developed Yahoo Web cast UI for the Hillary Clinton visit. Worked with Yahoo on a $10,000 sweepstakes giveaway campaign. Designed all versions of MsMoney Web site from beta version to present. Managed print media, worked with marketing department on focus groups and user feedback sessions. Developed account aggregation-personalization UI to be implemented by clients. Created MsMoney logo, which has been trademarked. Other duties: worked with chat board interface, did QA, created and proofed content, did human resource work, video production assisting, marketing and product development strategies, newsletter development, wrote financial tips of the day, did artwork for Women's Forum greeting card campaigns, worked with DoubleClick on ad campaigns, worked directly with Ernst & Young publishers and their authors, worked on MotleyFool campaign. May 1999 to May 2001 (Tiffany Bass Bukow,

MoneyPortals, San Francisco, California
Art and Production Director--oversaw design concept and implementation for MoneyPortals, a financial web development service, and our company client base. Worked with clients such as Guardian Insurance Company and Patelco Credit Union to consult on content offerings, online and off-line seminars. Supervised and developed the look and feel of presentations and for ASP direct marketing tool to be used as a customer retention strategy. Consulted on product development offerings and information architecture. Managed print media. July 2000 to March 2001 (Tiffany Bass Bukow,

XEO Design, Oakland, California
Graphic Artist--worked on CD-ROM project, Virtual Makeover II, a Cosmopolitan Magazine product. (Nicole Lazzaro, (510) 658-8077), San Francisco, California
Art Director and Graphic Artist--worked on projects such as: Bechtel's 100-year anniversary site; Sun Microsystems’ intranet game, You Don't Know Java (designed to teach their 20,000 employees Java); Jurika and Voyles investment Web site. Instructed Jurika employees in the use of Dreamweaver to update their site. In 2001 did a complete redesign of the Web site. Did all writing, artwork and information architecture on the site. (Tiffany Bass Bukow,

San Francisco Academy of Art College
Supervisor--worked with international and domestic students who were studying 2D and 3D graphics applications. Worked with 30 different applications. September 1998 to September 1999 (Bill McElhill,

San Francisco MOMA & San Francisco State University Multimedia Studies Program
Prototype Developer--for CD-ROM based on the life and work of acclaimed photographer and novelist, Wright Morris. Worked with the Museum of Modern Art and the Multimedia Studies Program creating a concept and did much of the hands-on work for the prototype CD-ROM development in 1995. (Cathy Ettenger)

We were invited to show the above mentioned Wright Morris project at the 1999 Mill Valley Film Festival.

The 3DO Company, Redwood City, California
Writer and Researcher--for CD-ROM game, Zhadnost: The People's Party, a trivia game. 1995 (reference upon request)

WorldArt, Inc., San Francisco
User Interface Designer--content development, design, 2D & 3D Web graphics for Web product in development. 1994 (reference upon request)

Numero Uno Productions, San Francisco
Graphic Designer and Content Developer--for MusicMania, a networked music game in development. 1994 (reference upon request)

San Francisco State University Multimedia Studies Program
Teacher Assistant--for several hands-on classes; "Lieutenant of Technology" position responsible for training new hands-on teacher assistants. Two years of in-class teacher assisting in FormZ, a robust 3D modeling program. (1994 to 2005 -- reference upon request)


Master of Arts in Digital Media and Learning (December 2011)
University of San Francisco
San Francisco, California

Certification in Multimedia
San Francisco State University Extension
San Francisco, California

Master of Arts in Linguistics
San Jose State University
San Jose, California
Bachelor of Arts in French / Spanish Minor
Monterey Institute of International Studies
Monterey, California

English as a Second/Foreign Language
Curriculum Development, Syllabus Design and Teacher Training--14 years of teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language to international students.

I have also spent several years teaching and training teachers at the following schools:

  • University of San Francisco, San Francisco (May 2001-present);
  • University of California, Berkeley Extension, San Francisco;
  • State University of New York, Albany; New York;
  • University of California, Santa Cruz Extension; Santa Cruz, CA;
  • St. Giles College, San Francisco, CA;
  • Mission Language and Vocational School, San Francisco, CA;
  • Centro Colombo Americano, Medellin, Colombia, South America;
  • Colseguros Insurance Company, Medellin Colombia, South America;
  • Centre de Linguistique Appliquee, Universite de Besancon, Besancon, France.

-proficient in French and Spanish
-fine arts background
-residence overseas for 5+ years
-management of digital computer and audio-visual learning centers
-use of digital technology to teach language and train teachers
-background in business management
-personal assistant to the president of Dean Witter Sears 1980-83

Illustrator CS
Photoshop CS
Premiere Pro CS
Final Cut Pro
Painter IX
Dreamweaver CS
Fireworks CS
Adobe Audition

After Effects
Electric Image
FormZ 6.1
3D Studio Max
Bryce 3D
Avid Cinema
Visio & Inspiration

Adobe Soundbooth

(for Multimedia Certification in 1994-95)
This does not include work done for Master's in Digital Media & Learning.
3D Modeling
Photoshop I, II, III
After Effects I & II
3D Studio Max I
Strata StudioPro
3D Animation with Electric Image
Rapid Prototyping
Multimedia Theory and Criticism
History of Multimedia
Introduction to Computer Graphics
Computer Ergonomics
Digital Design
Basic Director
Intermediate Director
Production Management
Building a Multimedia Business
Freelance and Flourish
Digital Resumes

Real-World Writing for Multimedia
Developing Characters
Adobe Audition
Premiere Pro